Of the six companies in the Seyfert Group, the four domestic companies have merged, starting anew as of January 1st, 2013. Those four companies, Seyfert Holdings, Seyfert, B-CAREER, and HABIA JAPAN are now collectively referred to as Seyfert Ltd.
We have so far made great efforts to realize projects that help hairdressers and hair salon owners, as well as teachers and students at hair dressers’ schools. Seyfert was founded in 1991, and it has now been 22 years since the launch of Re-quest QJ. Thanks to the kind assistance and high expectations of our supporters, we have successfully managed B-CAREER, which introduces and dispatches hairdressers, HABIA JAPAN, which promotes lifelong learning, and the holding company, Seyfert Holdings.
Until now, each of our companies has sought out their own individual ways to be of service. However, the beauty market is rapidly changing. In the midst of this upheaval, we have decided to combine the services of each of our companies, in order to create a system best able to smoothly meet the needs of our customers.
We hope to meet the challenges facing the industry, and to expand our presence in the industry as well. By showing society the vast possibilities of the hairdressing profession, we aim to see many more people become hairdressers. It is our deepest wish to be of help in any way possible towards the development of the beauty industry.
We look to a future in which Japan is a leader in this field, setting the world’s highest standards of technology and service. We accept this challenge gladly, and apply all our strength toward it as we work together with others in the beauty industry for a better tomorrow.
President. Takashi Hasegawa